Bananthimari Betta

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Difficulty Level : Moderate
Duration : 2 Days

Bananthimari Betta Trek

In the Bosam of Nature


The unique trail of Bananthimari Betta will take you on the trek of a life time. This route climbs up a hill with the most picturesque valley and a stream that rolls down its slope.Located between the villages of Konanadoddi and Kuthanahalli, 3 kilometers from Kanakapura town and just off the highway to Mysore, the hillock duo of Bananthimari is a scrubby beauty.
Bananthi means mother who is nursing a new born, and mari means the violent goddesses
A Temple dedicated to Godess Bananthimari at the base of the hill serves as a good starting point for hike. Surrounding is luscious vegetation in the valley between the hillocks of Bananthimari Betta.Trekking trail is most commonly used by shepherds to graze their livestock and the village people.
Hillock’s most distinct characteristic lies in its rocks. Grey granite made ruddy by the earth and stained with black, these rocks are believed to be much older than those in Ramanagaram and Madhugiri. On account of their coarseness, these rocks are not at all slippery, not even when steep. Regardless, they surely get slippery during the monsoons. The peak of Bananthimari Betta is a rather flat rock surface with stunted scrub.Watch out for small mammals and reptiles, there are no trees or caves that will provide you any form of shelter at this hill. What the flat peak of Bananthimari has to offer, however, is the most glorious winds, birds view of water bodies, paddy fields, and breathtaking views that are sure to blow you off your feet.

About the Campsite: 2kms from Bananthimari betta is the campsite, hidden away from civilization.

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