Narasimha Parvatha – A trekkalogue

People ask me… “Why do you punish yourself by trekking every now and then in some remote mountain? Why don’t you just enjoy the weekend sitting back home, doing nothing? What makes you do all this?” They really do not understand the logic behind doing exhausting treks in thickest of forests or knee deep snow, with sun beating down on you, rains pouring down or sometimes in bone chilling cold of the mighty Himalayas.
Well, for me, there is no logic at all. Nature defies all logic! It’s something that I love doing and I am sure I will continue to do so for a long time. I feel alive when I do it. I love being in the middle of nowhere! That stone cold silence and total seclusion from everything for a couple of days make my head clear and easier to carry it around when I get back to civilization!

Me and a few of my friends headed to narasimha parvatha last weekend (may 17th n 18th). One of the most talked about treks in our group for a long time now and we were unable to do it as we never got the permission to trek in reserved forest ranges or camp there. Finally, we got it somehow through summiters, only to trek, but not for camping. We were off from bangalore on Friday night to mallandur, a village near agumbe, to make our weekend adventurous!
We reached agumbe by 5 in the morning. All of us had amazing breakfast at agumbe bus stand ( Hotel mayura). We are group of notorious eaters! (We got the tag in Himalayas when the cook got tired of cooking for us!) So needless to say, we hogged like crazy and used the toilet there only as we were next headed to mallandur, hardly half hour away.

n1alt=”Agumbe- Hotel Mayura” width=”300″ height=”200″ class=”size-medium wp-image-410″ /> Agumbe- Hotel Mayura[/caption]Near Barkhana waterfall top
Near Barkhana waterfall top

We reached mallandur by 730, met the localguide Thimmappa, through whom we got the permission to trek. We had a day to roam around agumbe as we did not have the permission to camp.                        

Day 1:We started walking towards barkhana viewpoint, which gives an amazing view of the mountain ranges. It takes about 40 mins from thimmappa’s house to get here. Trail is flat and a piece of cake for anyone who can walk.

n2                        n3

n4              n5

After that we headed to jogigundi falls. It had completely dried up, apart from some water which was left over! Again, a 40 minute trail. We played there and had our food.
People started to head back home after lunch for a quick nap before we go to the sunset point. But me and 3 others stayed back to experience something completely unexpected.
We saw a huge cobra! It was just metres away from where we sat! The moment we saw it, we ran for our lives! We had to climb uphill for a while and as I was running, I experienced cramps for the very first time! It was really bad… Needless to say, we were scared by the size and look of that cobra!

We got back, me limping, to tell the cobra story to everyone. They wanted to see the cobra too!
After a while, it suddenly started to rain! It was very hot since morning and this was a welcome change! It felt awesome to be there, in a village. Trust me; the rains are best experienced in villages than in cities! It gives you a different feel!

As it stopped, we headed towards agumbe to check out the house in which famous malgudi days series was shot. It’s a nice place, which has now been converted to a home stay. We hogged again in mayura and left to the sunset point just in time to witness (partly) the sunset.
Overnight stay and camp fire at thimmappa’s place. We cooked our own food.

Day 2:
Started by 7:45 in the morning after having breakfast. The trail goes through very thick forest range. Even though the sun came out, all guns blazing, by 9, we were in complete darkness inside the trail. Sunrays hardly reached us.

n6   n7

We trekked for 2 hours in the thickest of forests I have ever trekked in till date, we reached the top of barkhana waterfall. A sight to behold! With the view it opens up to, and water to play around… It’s the best place to relax for a while, click some snaps and then move on.
We started again by 11:15 towards the peak, again in dense forest. But now, the trail got steeper and it slowed us down a little. After an hour of climbing, and some breathtaking views, we reached the grasslands. It also gave us a sneak peek of the mighty narasimha parvatha peak. We had covered 11 kms in no time! We were happy as this was a preparatory trek to our second Himalayan adventure in May. Our chances looked good for an 80 km trek in Himalayas.
We were just 5 kms from the peak. We rested for a while before we did the last stretch, exposed to sun and the heat slowing us down. But it was worth it for the view we were getting to see! No one complained, as we enjoyed the trail.
We reached peak by 1:30pm. We never thought we would make it so fast! 16 kms in half a day! We sat there, and relished the joy of summiting Narasimha Parvatha. Everyone were damn hungry and the packed lunch tasted heavenly!
n8                   n9
We left towards kigga village at 2:30 and we were back down at around 4pm near kigga temple. Our vehicle was there to pick us up. We took bath in sirimane falls nearby. It was much needed after a long trek. It was refreshing indeed.We then visited sringeri and headed back to Bangalore by night.
n12                    n13
This trek is not a difficult one. Only thing is u need to have the permission from the forest department. Its really a picturesque trail and absolutely worth doing! One of the best treks and probably figures in top 3 that I have done in terms of the trail and view. Do it while you can!

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