An evening in Vellarimala

 The Chirping sound of the birds intensified as the darkness befell. Miles and miles of undulating forest covered with peaks, seemed guarding the hillock in the diminishing light. The feeble wind blowing tickled us and I soon felt chill into the bones. After a arduous day’s hike in the dense forest we were standing on a cliff adjoining the hillock of Vellarimala. 



Vellarimala forms a part of a high hill range of what is otherwise known as Camel's Hump Mountains, a part of the Western Ghats. Most of the hill range falls in the Meppady Forest Range of South Wayanad Division with some parts falling Thamarassery Range of Kozhikode Division. Vellarimala peak is at an altitude of 2050 meters while the highest peak of this range would be Vavulmala standing tall at 2330 meters.

     The forests here grow till great heights of 2000 meters and above deep in the interiors of Kerala, we learnt that the mountains here are higher than most of Western ghats, that, the shola grasslands so typical of western ghats do not grow in this part of the state, the absence of Crickets & even Cicadas in the forest resembled forest of South America and was looking Eerie..!

     Being jubilant and in a explorative mood amongst the members I dashed into the thickets unmindful of fading light. I reached the edge of the vantage point and was soon into a clearing to appreciate the great views. Finally was on top of the world even above the clouds. The clouds were repeatedly engulfing the high peaks and therefore I could’nt see much of the plains. I could see miles-n- miles of forest cover and distant peaks, most of them unknown. I could spot the Silver stream line of Olichuttam Waterfalls flowing down and the Chaliyar valley.


                                                                            Beautiful Mistaken for a dawn - claude Debussy

    The changing colours in the sky promised me to witness a memorable sunset in the horizon. Unmindful of the risk I walked through the bushes and jostling for space  I peeped through the foliage and  lichens hanging from  the protruding branches. Still the evening sun seemed to be in a bucket of gold in the far horizon. It was a perfect silhouette and indeed synonymous with peak  indeed.!. The peaks of Masthakapara, Chembra  and Wayanadu Mala glittered with a pinkish tinge. I stood gazing at the sky  till the crescent moon peeped through the scattered clouds. I tiptoed towards the Campsite in the moonlight which was in yonder.Greeting mother nature for granting me a fabulous sunset and felt all my efforts were worthwhile..!. Suddenly a grunting sound and giant shadows passing in the bushes lit by backlight brought goose pimples within no time...!

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