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     This is a long, strenuous and remote trek of 10 days to and from the remote village of Bara Bhangal through some stunning landscape and mesmerizing natural beauty. The one question which remains in your mind after the trek is "How did a village get established in such a remote and seemingly inaccessible corner of the world?”.

     The trek starts from Manali, and afterone gains and loses elevation in this unforgiving and unrelenting terrain a numerous times, a characteristic feature of this trek, the first pass we cross is called the Kali hind Pass (4610 M). The trail to the pass is ill-defined, and the grassy alpine meadows, characteristic till the base of the pass, gives way to steep scree slopes, and snow/ice as one ascends to the pass, marked by cairns and prayer flags. The descent is along a huge snowfield that has large crevasses, which have to be avoided before one reaches the glacial lakes. Beyond the glacial lakes the route is fairly well marked, but the terrain is arid, similar to the terrain one encounters in Ladakh. The route continues along the side of the valley formed by Kalihani Nala, through scree, boulder slopes, landslides, and numerous side-streams till one reaches a place called “Dev Ki Marhi” characterized by a small Hindu Shrine. By this time the landscape is greener and one can again see “gaddi” sheperds.

     At “Dev ki Marhi” one has to cross a turbulent stream,that might be too dangerous to cross later in the day. Once past this challenge , although one knows that the route continues along the Kalihani Nala,one gains and loses elevationso many times that it is with tired legs that one will reach Bara Bhangal, a village so remote that you can’t imagine its existence till you are about half an hour from it and catcha the first glimpse of it. After a well deserved rest one resumes the ascent along the Thamsar Nala, to cross the Thamsar pass (4710 M). Enroute to the Thamsar Pass is an impressive waterfall, and a huge glacial lake surrounded by mountains on all sides. These will be memories one cherishes forever.

     As one ascends the green of the grasslands, give way to scree and boulders and the ascent just before the pass is characterizedby snow and ice. The ascent can be very slippery. From the Thamsar pass one can view the Kinner Kailash peaks. The descent is steep and crosses a glacial lake before opening out into grasslands. From here on one can find hotels, at regular intervals till one reaches Bir/Billing.  All this makes for a very challenging trek.

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