Devi Kund

Departure Dates
From Kathgodam : 

June 8,11 (open)





From Kathgodam to Kathgodam

Difficulty Level : Moderate
Duration : 7 Days

On Request  per person
(For Group size of 7-10)

Devi Kund Trek / Sundherdhunga Glacier

 In the abode of Devi


     The Himalayan Mountain Ranges in India are known for beholding spectacular beauty. Millions of visitors from all over the globe come to catch a glimpse of this wondrous land where heaven feels to be at home. Himalayas start at that majestic altitude where the rest of the mountain ranges in the world come to an end. There are thousands of magnetic regions in the Himalayas that are located by travellers, trekkers, adventure tourists and government which has no written record of but the footprints they leave behind stand as an attest. The beauty and natural bliss that abodes here has spread throughout the world. One lifetime is not enough to catch a glimpse of the entire Himalayas. Even so, there are many Himalayan peaks and valleys that have remained less known and meagrely explored by human population. One such stunningly beautiful valley located in the Kumaon region of the Uttaranchal Himalayas is the valley of Sunderdhunga. Sunderdhunga is also known as the “Valley of beautiful stones”. These beautiful stones shine like hundred splendid starts making it a very appealing sight for by-standers.

Sunderdhunga is an eye-catchy region gloriously resting among the Himalayas in Uttarachal. The criss-cross trails of this location brings you to the magnetic villages of Song, Dhakuri (located at a height of 8,860 feet), Dhakuri Khal (located at a height of 9,520 feet), hamlet of Loharkhet (5 kilometres from Song), village of Khati (8 kilometres from Dhakuri), Jatoli (located at a height of 6,500 feet) and Kathelia (located at a series of Bugyals). The rivers that flow through the route are Pindari River, Wacham River, Khati River, Karrni River and Dau River. On these rarely trodden pathways lies the true essence of Himalayas. 

In the blissful valley of Sunderdhunga, resides a cosy yet breathe-taking lake of crystal clear waters called as Devikund. Dwelling at a majestic altitude of 14,500 meters and surrounded by magnificent mountains is the Lake of Devikund. Devikund is an exotic medley of colours coming from a huge variety of blossoming rich flowers, alpine meadows, snow bridges, enticing waterfalls and rich range of mountains. The popular mountain peaks of Mrigthuni, Maiktoli, Simsaga and Nandakot are visible from close quarters while standing at this glorious height. The enticing valleys of Pindari, Khafni and Sunderdhunga can also be seen from Devikund. The green patches of mesmerising and endless Himalayan grasslands will sooth your senses. The dark night sky crowded with tiny starts is clearly visible while you lay in your tents at night. While camping in these lush green lands, you will come close to nature and its spell-binding beauty. Devikund is named after the “Devi” or the “Goddess” that is believed to be residing here. The rich history of this place also attracts many people to this land. 

The watch the first sunray touch the feet of majestic Maiktoli peak and climb towards the Bulanu top will be an enchanting experience. To the east of Maiktoli peak is the gorgeous Mrigthuni peak, the tallest peak in the region. The Bhanoti peak, Durga Kot, Tharkot, Tent peak (which is also known as Simsaga mountain range), Panwali Dwar (also known as ‘cream roll’), Nanda Kot and Bailguri peak are all visible at close quarters during your trek.

When you set out to explore mountain ranges in Europe and United States of America, mountain peaks are located at an altitude of 13,000 feet and 14,000 feet high. Whereas, when you arrive at Himalayas for a trekking adventure, your basecamps will be set up at that height. Your trekking begins from an altitude of 14,000 feet. Your trail takes you through journey that will alter the definition of holidays for the rest of your life. Passing through the beautiful ridges and delicate bridges will help you cross small streams and rivers as a part of your exciting adventure. The beautiful hills lay alongside the serpentine roads passes through the mountains and valleys parallel to the legendary Saryu River. You can take a dip in this river during your trek. Setting up camps in the banks of River Saryu is another unforgettable experience.

The rich traditions and cultures of the local hill folks are very interesting. You can observe and learn their attire, lifestyle and entire belief system in this short trip. They are friendly and warm people wanting to help those who come here to quench the thirst for peace and glory. The combination of remarkable humans with an abundant of wildlife, flora and birds will be a nerve-calming experience. These forests are a home to a wide variety of bears, langurs and deers. The oak forests of this region form your pathway during your trails. You will be leaving your footprints behind on some of the deep and dark trails where the sunlight has never been shone. The adrenaline thump of exploring this land where not many have been before will bring to you the experience and glory of accomplishment. 


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