Underground Caving at Chitradurga


    Caving is also traditionally known as spelunking and potholing. A recreational adventurous pastime of exploring wild generally non-commercial cave systems. In contrast, speleology is the scientific study of caves and the cave environment.

Caving is a relatively cheap activity, especially for the beginner. The gear a caver uses depends on the type of cave being visited, fortunately, most caves suitable for beginners are fairly straightforward and the only basic kit is required.

Caves are dark so the most important piece of equipment is a reliable light. These are normally mounted on a helmet which also protects the head from knocks and bashes on low roofs.

Synthetic clothing is best as it keeps you warm even when wet. A thermal base layer with a couple of medium weight fleeces on top is suitable for most trips. One piece ‘furry suits’ are also popular. To cover these you’ll need a water-resistant layer, usually in the form of an oversuit.

Cave floors can be wet and slippery and there is likely to be some scrambling and climbing so good footwear is important. Most cavers use wellington boots which fit well and have a good tread.

Once you become experienced you may wish to invest in more specialist clothing, lights, and climbing equipment but this is not necessary to a beginner who wants to explore or give a try.

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The definition of abseiling is fairly simple. The term comes from the German word abseilen, meaning ‘to rope down’. Also known as rappelling, abseiling is a vital skill for mountain climbers but is also useful in other sports too.

Basic Techniques of Caving

  • Cave passages come in all shapes and sizes. The world’s largest are over one hundred metres wide and high. Most are somewhat smaller and some only just body size!

  • Progressing through a cave uses natural body movements like no other activity. Walking, stooping, twisting, crawling, squeezing, scrambling and climbing are all common and it is no doubt that caving gives the body a full workout. “Using muscles I never knew I had” is a common saying after your first trip.

  • However, caving skills are best developed by observing more experienced cavers - this is one of the great advantages of caving within a team. Each budding caver will find their own unique style of caving depending on the type of caves they like and their own body shape.

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