Survival is the necessity for all mankind. Be it at workplace, home or out in the wilderness, jungles or drought stricken land. One has to be self reliant and confident enough to deal with all the challenges life throws at us. Patience, perseverance and practice is what helps us to face any challenge and overcome them. Our Jungle Survival Academy being the 1s of its kind in India, in the canopy of the dense forests of Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, is making all endeavors to make you self reliant and self sufficient for SURVIVAL. Yes,” survival of the fittest” is what we all talk about and we at the academy are here to impart all the knowledge, survival techniques and practical skills. At our academy, we have highly skilled and professional ex-army men who would teach, prepare and train you with all the techniques, plans and methods for jungle survival.


The survival training at our academy is a 4 day programme wherein you will be taught:

  1. How to forage food and differentiate between edible and non edible food.
  2. Build a shelter using all that is available in the forest.
  3. Light a fire using traditional and modern methods for cooking and keeping the prey away.
  4. Simple technique to collect water and how to purify it for drinking, cooking and bathing purpose.
  5. To live hygienically in the forest so that one is free from allergies and diseases, to enjoy the adventures of the forest.
  6. Preparedness for all circumstances be it knowledge about first aid for survival in the jungle, self protection from wildlife and the extreme weather conditions.
  7. Usage of modern navigation tools like compass, GPS, watch or navigation through the position of the sun and the stars.


This kind of training for jungle survival is a must for all individuals. The survival techniques can be used when one is faced with any adverse situation or one is taking an adventurous trip into the forest. It makes you confident mentally and physically to see a situation, interpret it and teaches you how to surpass it. Every person must have basic knowledge for survival, and what can be better if you get full practical and theoretical knowledge for survival with our academy. Once you join our academy you will be oozing with confidence, mentally you will be ready to take on any challenge and you will be swift in taking decisions for survival in the wilderness. Come take this journey full of adventure in the forests of Bandhavgarh for an experience of a lifetime.


Course Details

Our course offers a unique opportunity to people who have the courage to explore more than what they’ve seen or experienced in life. Away from motorways, pollution and daily affairs, we have been successful in creating a program that can help every individual to cherish a different aspect of life that lies in the unperturbed forests. When you have conquered all your inhibitions and insecurities, all you need is a higher level of adventure that we are pleased to bring through this exclusive Jungle Survival Training for the first time in India.


We conduct this course in various stages and as a beginner you need to qualify for our first module that is structured to go on for 03 nights and 04 days in the Tiger Capital of the country, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The trainers of this activity are all ex- instructors of the Armed Forces and hold versatile experience of surviving and dealing with the worst situations. The only difference between our program and the life of the individuals serving our forces is that they have to face bullets and we might have to confront few animals only. The rest of the program has been designed in a manner to give you the best experience of overcoming adverse jungle situations.


We claim that after undergoing this course, an individual will be able to take up more challenges in life and is better equipped to handle difficulties that life or profession keeps throwing at him/her.


Highly inspired by Mr. Bear Grylls who hosts a famous TV show Man vs. Wild, we thought it is just the right time to bring few learned trainers from the forces (not to forget that Mr. Grylls is also an ex- special forces recruit) and prepare a course in line with Mr. Grylls experiences, after blending it with the biodiversity of Indian sub-continent. This is how we were able to turn a 50 acre property of a forest into the centre of excellence for people interested in knowing and mastering survival techniques. With the growing concerns of climate change and the impact it has on us, it makes it even more important for every individual to learn a few survival techniques, which will not just help them but also their near and dear ones, in-case any natural or man-made calamity strikes. (Better Safe than Sorry)


The batch is limited to only 12 people (max) and our Instructor’s staff has the authority to refuse the application of the individual who they feel is unfit to attend this course. List of documents for this course are enclosed in Annexure A:

1. Enrolment Form (Print, fill and send by email)

2.  Identity Letter (Must be signed and carried along)

3.  Itinerary (for reference)

4.  Things to carry

5.  Travel Information


Payment : After the applicant sends back the filled documents, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  these are carried forward to the Instructors Wing of Jungle Survival Course for verification. Once we receive the confirmation from wing’s end, the applicant will be intimated to make the entire payment.


Location: The activity will be conducted at our location in the buffer forest zone of Bandhavgarh National Park. There are two station nearby one is Katni and another one is Umaria, so its easy to take a train from your departure city and arrival at Katni and Umaria, After that our representative will pick you up from station and drop to Bandhavgarh.


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