Kanasar Lake

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 From Dehradun to Dehradun

Difficulty Level : Moderate
Duration : 16 Days

On Request per person
(For Group size of 11)

The Celestial Kanasar Lake


     Since times immemorial the majestic abodes of Himalayas have been graciously appealing to people from all over the world. The openhearted welcome from the hospitable and bewitching Himalayas has induced many to come to this land and explore its timeless beauty. One cannot give a measure or count to the number of locations that exists amidst the glory of Himalayas. But every person coming to this land will vouch for the existence of nature’s true façade and its endless stunning beauty in Himalayas. There might be hundreds of spell-binding regions here that have not seen human footsteps coming their way. It could be due to lack of connectivity or lack of knowledge of the existence of these lands. The mind-numbing beauty of these lands has remained unexplored by the rest of the world till date. One such breathe-taking location is the Kanasar Lake. 

Kanasar Lake is located between the valleys of Supin and Nalgan in the lap of Western Garhwal. As the area is extremely remote and the pathway is tough and challenging, the lake remained unknown to the world for many years until local shepherds found the trail to this gorgeous lake. Since then, passionate adventurists and trekkers from all over the globe have been greeted with open arms by the celestial beauty of Kanasar Lake. The Lake is covered by layers of ice and snow throughout most months of the year. Even during the month of June, a thin sheet of ice can be seen adding more mystery to the inexplicable beauty of the lake. Time has been standing still in this region as nobody can experience changes in seasons and weather in this high altitude land. People who have had the incredible opportunity of visiting this lake have often wondered at the mystic beauty of the lake that is covered by the always alluring snow.

The enormous high altitude Kanasar Lake has derived its name from two small islands that upswing from the eye-shaped expanse of the lake. It is said that the islands resemble the spots in the eyes of a blind person while seen from above and hence it was named as Kanasar. The width of the lake is about a kilometre and is a mesmerising sight. Even though Western Garhwal regions is widely known and visited by trekkers and pilgrims, this lake remained untouched until recent years. As the pathway is not entirely developed, makeshift bridges have to be established every now and then to help the trekkers to cross the trial. It therefore becomes very important to be accompanied by professionals or local guides while going to visit this stunning lake. 

It is believed by people who have regularly visited this lake that it is very deep. Every year, villagers visit this lake during a festival and immerse a deity in the water of this lake with the help of a rope. If you are visiting the lake during these months, it will be an added advantage to observe the festival. The main highlights of visiting this place are the magnificent views of Kinnaur Mountains in Himachal and the Garhwal mountains that are seen from Nalgan Pass. The pretty campsites offer you unbeatable ambience and surroundings which will help you loosen up while sitting close to the nature. Many campsites are filled with delicious strawberries and visitors can pluck them and relish their juicy and sweet taste. From thin snow covered slopes to the lovely forests of Rhododendrons, Birches and Pines, the entire trial will never cease to mesmerise you. You can also visit the twin lake of Baraadsar which is enroute Kanasar Lake. The beauty of the Baraadsar Lake will rupture your heart.

It will take at least four hours to walk up the expanse of this lake. The catchy views of Ranglana peak, Swargarohini peaks, Massif, Kedar Kantha peak and Kalanag is visible from very close quarters. These mountains cast a spell-binding refection on the Kanasar Lake and the mere sight of this is a treat to the eyes. As the afternoon clouds descend close to the lake, a paradise is formed in this region. After an experience like this, you can be sure that the beauty of Kanasar Lake will walk with you in your minds for the rest of your lifetime.


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