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Skandagiri Sun Rise Trek

Skandagiri Night Trek


Among the hill forts around Bangalore , Kalawara betta (Skandagiri), situated about 68 Kms from Bangalore is prominent among the hill forts often referred to as giridurga in the chain of hills in the Nandi Hill ranges. Situated at a altitude of 1450 metres above sea level and stands high dominating the landscape.The dilapidated walls of Tippu's fort can be found today on steep Kalawarbetta (Skandagiri), near the village of Kalwara. History says though this was is small , but strong hill fort. It surrendered to British troops on 19 October 1791. It remained in British hands until the peace treaty of 1792, which concluded of the third Anglo-Mysore war.

For the adventure seekers. This is a tedious trek as the hill is precipitous and high. The trek starts from the Papagni Temple at the foothills of Kalawara village. The fortress of Kalawarbetta is in full sight throughout the walk uphill. This steep and fantastic trek through a maze of dense shrub is highly intriguing. Kalawarbetta is a teaser. Just as you reach the fort wall contended that you have topped the hill, you see another ring of fort. No sooner you reach there; you will find another majestic fort wall waiting to be conquered. There are six such series of stonewalls protecting an abandoned temple on the hilltop.

There are 2 caves, one starts from the base and as per locals, leads to the temple at peak and another one is somewhere midway which is about 30 feet only. Both are yet unexplored, especially the first one.


Duration : 1 Day

10:30 pm : Meet and Greet at the set pick-up point in Bengaluru, and then board the coach, which will take you to the remote hamlet Kalawara village.
11:30 pm : Reach the village of Kalawara, and take some rest to build up energy for the ensuing trip.
11:45 pm : Pay heed to whatever your guide or team leader says about the walk, and then warm up with a bit of exercise.
12:00 Midnight : Commence your Skandagiri night trek after you have loosened your muscles and warmed up. Travel to the Papagni temple, from where the hike begins. In the beginning, the vegetation around the trail is somewhat scanty, but as you ascend, it starts becoming denser. There are no trees along the trail, but dense scrubs and bushes that characterise the savannah vegetation of the region.

During this Skandagiri night trek, you will have to cross six concentric fortification walls to reach the summit. It is said to be built as a defensive wall built to safeguard the hillock from invasions. After you reach the top, enjoy your success, and then start a fire. Look below to see the twinkling lights of the villages, and take photographs if your camera comes with night vision. Later, get inside sleeping bags for overnight sleep.

Wake up before the sun rises to see a spectacular scene when dawn breaks. The movement of clouds and play of light is a sight to behold.!. Click as many photos of the phenomenon as possible because this is among the most enchanting sights that you will ever see in your life. After looking at this wondrous happening, start the next phase of the night trek to Skandagiri, which involves coming downhill.

08:30 am : Relish a nourishing breakfast once you reach the Kalwara village campsite. Post breakfast, check your belongings, pack and then start the final leg of this amazing Skandagiri night trekking tour, which will take you back to Bengaluru.
11:30 am : Reach Bengaluru.



Cost  : ₹ 1,300/- + 5% GST

Group Size : 20 members and above

Pickup Point :  Make use of  Namma Metro in Bangalore. Reach Metro station Peenya Industry ( Refer Map ).  Use Namma Metro reach your destination fast, avoiding traffic snarls, avoid pollution, and reach on time.

Destination : Bangalore to Bangalore.


  1. Transport from Bangalore
  2. Services of Trek leader
  3. Forest permits
  4. Breakfast 



  1. Refreshments or Beverages during stay or journey.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Skandagiri Trek is for adventure seekers and Nature lovers only.
  2. Carrying Alcohol or consuming during event , prior to event is prohibited.
  3. Trek leader has authority to take action if any one found carrying and doing such activities will be sent back.

Beware : Curiosity and Enthusiasm to take fabulous photographs as a memento is a dream of every photographer. Beware , stand at a safe place before you click pictures. Creepy crawly , snakes, other creatures which are active in the night.


Combo Pack : Rapelling Activity

Cost : ₹  550/- per head

The definition of abseiling is fairly simple. The term comes from the German word abseilen, meaning ‘to rope down’. Also known as rappelling, abseiling is a vital skill for mountain climbers but is also useful in other sports too.


  1. To abseil the first thing you need is a rope secured at the top of where you want to abseil down and check that the area below you is clear. That rope is then run through a friction device known as descender or Figure of 8 which is attached to a harness around your waist.
  2. lean out backwards over the drop and slowly begin to lower yourself down, using one hand to slow down and the other to hold on to the rope above you.
  3. As you move carefully downwards, the friction device slows the rope a bit making it easier to control your descent but basically you are under your own power, abseiling at a speed that you feel comfortable with. But be careful though, because messing up the speed can make you look like a bit of a practice
  4. Heed to instructions of Instructor. As you descend you need to watch out for anything sticking out from whatever you are abseiling down that you might get caught on and be on the look out for any loose debris that might fall on you too. You also need to keep checking the landing to make sure you won’t land on anyone or hurt yourself when you get to the bottom.

Includes : Safety gear and Equipments, Medical kit 



We usually send the exact Pickup location and timings a couple of days before the trek date. The pick location we choose are always a well-known place and has better connectivity with rest of the city. Mostly there will be 1 to 3 pickup location for every trek.

Yes, of course, you can board on the way if we are travelling through your location. You can get in touch with one of our out-door leader for same by sharing contact details. Although, we request you to board from the pickup locations as it would help us to coordinate, and to avoid mis-understanding or time delay.

You can contact to the number shared.. Also, we would be sharing out the contact information on the connecting email. besides, we would also be creating a Whats-app group so that we all can connect and coordinate with everyone on the trip.


We believe a hot served meal after the trek is the best way to beat the tiredness and complete an awesome day. So, we always try to cater everything from first morning breakfast to the next morning breakfast but at some places we give the option to the traveler to explore the local cuisines. The trek on which we cater, we try to give local vegetarian meal. Pack lunch is provided if the trek duration is more than 5 hours.

Travelers and Group size

We will try to maximize the group size 20 members to 45 members. Keeping in mind the safety of group.

We believe age does not define a limit of a person. A person can achieve anything at any age if he has a desire.  Every trek has its own difficulty level, which you can check out the Itinerary page of the every trek and can decide for yourself. Definitely a basic fitness is always required for any trek you choose, because every trek with Summiters test your ability to push yourself and get high in the mountains.

Registration and Payment

To confirm your participation, you need to click on the blue button “BOOK NOW”, which will take you to the registration page and also guide you to our payment page on which you can make the payment through net banking, credit or debit card. Once you make the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation from us confirmation about your seat on the trip. We would request you to go through the complete itinerary, description, highlights and things you need to carry before making the payment.

you can however mail us details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  be free to call us on 91 9740360365.


You can bank transfer, cash deposit or NEFT as per your convenience.

Cancellation Policy

We have tie-ups with third party vendors and the commitment is already made, regarding group size well in advance, the cancellation affect the facilities give to other participants, so, even if we don’t like to put on any policy, we might have to do it for the other participants who are coming for the trek. So, that we could be at least manage to keep the spirits high enough. The cancellation charges are as follows.

If the cancellation is done before 7th day from the trek date then FULL REFUND is applicable after the deduction of the third party vendor transaction charges.

If the cancellation is done before 3rd day from the trek date then HALF REFUND is applicable.

If the cancellation is done before 1 day from the trek date then NO REFUND is applicable.

For cancellation, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Additional FAQ's

If you can walk on an average of 5 to 6 km without a problem, then you can! If you have specific health issues like Speluncaphobia  - Caves combine a whole bunch of phobias- heights, small places, underground, darkness, fear of being enclosed in a small space or room or underground, asthma, heart issues or the likes, consult your doctor before participating in this event.

  1. Trekking Shoes
  2. Trousers and T shirts
  3. Torch with spare batteries
  4. Water bottle
  5. Sun Cap

You cannot charge your phone on the trek. You have to get your phone charged in Bangalore before coming for the trek.

Take daily long walks or jogs.

T & C

Terms and Conditions

All about the Elusive star

Here are our conditions:

  1. Summiters will try to keep an optimal group size of 20 and above to keep the cost to a minimal. The initial fees could be collected assuming a group size of 20. However, in case the group size is smaller , Summiters will inform the participants before departure date, the group size of the program. The participants would be requested to pay "the difference amount" as per the current size of the group.
  2. Booking must be confirmed prior to date of departure by paying the full amount – It takes lot of effort, time and money in planning the trek in remote locations. So please give us enough time to make your journey a lifetime’s journey.

  3. All expenses accruing from change in schedule due to weather conditions or health issues are to be borne by the participants. Summiters will not be responsible for the weather or your personal health issues.

  4. Cancellation policy – We plan everything for you well in advance, so that your trip is hassle-free and as smooth as possible. This means that porter fees, permits, accommodation expenses are all paid in advance. Any cancellation will mean inconvenience and loss to all the people involved in making your journey successful. Therefore, it is only fair to pass on the accrued costs to you. Our policy is:-

    1. Cancellation prior to 7 days from date of departure : Full Refund
    2. Cancellation between 3 days prior to date of departure: 50% Refund
    3. Cancellation between 24 hours prior to date of departure and departure date : No Refund
    4. No Show : No Refund
    5. Cancellation has to be confirmed by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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