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Shingani Gudda Trek and Kadamgundi Waterfalls Trek

First of all, it was a pleasant surprise to find Summiters in close proximity of my home. Mr. Vishwanath was courteous enough to visit my house to appraise the activities of Summiteers and also professionally explained the nitty-gritties of various events after which we readily agreed to take up the western ghats trek ( Shingani Gudda & Kadamagundi Waterfall ) the next day itself. Payment to the event are done flawlessly thru online payment. We equipped ourselves with the basic necessities for the event like hike footwear, clothing and accessories as advised by Vishwanath from decathlon anubhava and were ready by 9:30pm to start the 320km journey from Bengaluru. The vehicle arrived on-dot.The group of 6 including the team leader rested thru the journey and reached the base station Shishila, 15kms away from Ujire a lovely homestay (Nagalands) midst a picturesque areca/coconut plantation owned by the Vyas couple @ at 5am. Cordially received by the owners with a cup of Kashaya (a local herbal drink) and we continued to rest our back till 7am. Freshened ourselves and were served with sumptuous breakfast of hot idlies along with sambhar and chutney. Packed our gear for the enduring 8km uphill trek and left the place by 8:30am.

Summiters had arranged for 2 local guides to accompany us on this trek and we waded thru initially water streams and walk paths. The entire stretch was strewn with leeches and each one of us got our ample share too.

Two hours from our start, we encountered steep ascent into the hill and the way forward was strewn with thorny bushes, creepers and thick overgrowth, reminiscent of the evergreen forests of the western ghats. Our guide tactfully led us thru the way accurately to reach our destination – The Peak.
We encountered numerous species of flora & fauna, particularly birds, reptiles and some special varieties of trees and Vishwanath did explain each and every one of them with speckles accuracy. After about 4hrs from the start we finally reached the peak and were filled with a feeling of accomplishment.We rested at the summit for ½hr while relishing the panoramic beauty of the sight ahead of us and had some refreshments and liquids to refill our spirits for the decent. Half way down and adjoining a small waterfall, we were served lunch (curd-rice with lots of vegetables) which was really a refreshing treat. We were also instructed to keep a slow pace during downhill and the climb down was almost vertical and without the technical know-how of Vishwanath any one of us could have easily sprained or torn a ligament in our ankles. We reached our camp at 5:30pm and the caretakers had kept hot water ready for a refreshing bath. We were served tea along with hot bajjis and spent the evening recollecting the memories from the earlier day.

Traditional vegetarian dinner was served at 8pm and we hit bed for a slumber. Wake up call the next morning was with the chirping of birds. We got fresh and visited a nearby Shishileshwara temple where the attraction is to feed the fish in the flowing stream.

On our return from the temple we were served delicious hot neer dosas along with potato curry and chutney. Soon afterwards we packed for our onward journey to the next event at a distance of about 35kms.

On reaching a small village called bidupe, we were warmly welcomed by our hosts with a hot cup of pepper Kashaya.This family is engaged in the unique activity of preserving and promoting the crop of about 130+ rice varieties. We were thrilled to know that so many varieties of rice existed. They share the requested variety of paddy seeds to prospective farmers on request and have promoted cultivation of unique varieties of rice for the last 2 decades.

We departed to the nearby Kadamagundi waterfall which is about 3-4kms from here. Left the vehicle at a safe place and started a short trek up the fall. Reached the base of the waterfall and enjoyed the pristine waters for about an hour.

Returned to the base camp and were served a delicious lunch. Rested for about an hour and started our journey back to Bengaluru by 4pm with an enroute stoppage at Mayura restaurant at Bellur cross for an evening snack. Reached home at 11pm. Overall the whole trip was very professionally managed and the best part was that all the activities was orchestrated like a song. I was skeptical to start with as I had my 13yr old son along and it was my first encounter with Summiteers, but I can now declare happily that we are eagerly looking forward for our next event with summiteers and the professional & organizational capacity of Mr. Vishwanath is very much appreciated. Keep it up Summiteers!
Date of Posting: 15 November 2018
Posted By: Yashaswi & Anil Rao
Bussinessmen, Bangalore
Chardham Pilgrimage Uttarakhand

Let me start with a big thank you for organizing our Chardham trip. It was wonderful. You have been so very excellent in planning things as per our requirements. You took a lot of pains to meet our demands and have lots of patience to listen to our queries.....

Your co travel partner Mr. Viswanath is good and extremely cooperative. I kept calling him every day and he would guide and help me with all the information.
Hotels booked for 11 nights at different places were good and they treated us well. Even though our timings of check-in and checkout were odd they were cooperative. There were little ups and downs in one or two places but they also did their best to please us.
The vehicle you had arranged was ideal for us and the driver knew the places so well. His driving was excellent and did his duties well but not friendly and smiling to start with. After a couple of days, he opened up s little and shared few things and gave us some suggestions and information. By the end of the journey, he realized we were the friendly type.
We enjoyed the food everywhere as they served us hot and fresh food. It was more like homemade food with less oil and masalas. None of us had any tummy upsets inspite of our eating at different places.
On the whole, it was tremendous experience for us and all of us had s great time which will always b remembered. A BIG THANK YOU from all of us to both of you.
Lastly, let me definitely say sorry too to both of you as sometimes I have been rude while finding out things be sorted.

Will definitely come back to you for my further traveling plans.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2018
Posted By: Komal Harish and Family
Syndicate Bank, Bangalore
Bali Pass Trek

Dear Sir,

1. The Armed Forces Medical College had sent 24 Medical Cadet and 02 Officers on the trek to Bali Pass from 03rd Jun to 14 Jun 17. Summiters was hired as our external logistics provider.

2. The Guides, porters, were extremely polite, honest, had a plethora of experience and were supremely helpful. The cook used to work wonders every day and provide us with a three-course meal even in the snow-clad campsites. The staff also are quite experienced with the local flora, fauna and the culture of the mountains.

3. The system of not having fixed camps and schedules is immensely helpful so one can explore more around a particular site if they wish.

4. The drivers for the buses to and from Dehradun were experienced, drove safely and when we had a breakdown alternate arrangements were made promptly.

5. The safety at Sankri and Hanuman Chatti were very comfortable with hygienic food, water, and sanitation facilities.
Date of Posting: 31 August 2018
Posted By: Brig Sunny Eapen
Armed Forces Medical College, MBBS, MD(Anaes), Pune
Rupin Pass Trek

Dear Mr. Vishwanath,

This letter is to thank you and your team for the excellent experience you provided to my entire family when we trekked Rupin Pass.

The arrangements were good, the Tour Leader was experienced and the Support Staff were all very courteous and of great help to my family. The locations for camping were all planned to the dot and the food served was good (we were surprised to be served with a dessert each time).

I would be glad to testify that the beauty of the Himalayas were enhanced by the accompaniment and support of your team. This truly will continue to remain as one of the best experiences our family has been blessed with.

We wish you Good Luck in the conduct of all your Future Tours as well, God Bless!

Sincerely yours,
Sundara Easwar B
Date of Posting: 27 June 2018
Posted By: Sundara Easwar B
Director at Purplepond Investment Advisory Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Har Ki Dun and Bali Pass Trek

“ Summiters was our first choice when we decided we had to do a second Himalayan trek previous one being Roopkund. We requested for a path less traveled and we did get an amazing recommendation. It was a breathtaking experience view wise and journey wise but was worth every effort. Vishwanath and team strive to provide the real experience of a trek with daily camping, good food, and great guides instead of fixed camps and fixed schedules. They make you feel like you belong in the mountains. I would recommend Summiters to anyone wanting to experience the mountains like a trek and not a hotel stay “
Date of Posting: 16 May 2018
Posted By: Anurag Joshi
Business development and Operations head ; INDrone Aero Systems, Bangalore
Coorg Team outing

I had heard a lot from my research friend of NCBS Mr. Nitish about Vishwanath and his passion. On enquiry, he personally met us and executed our team outing. Everything was super nicely arranged. Food, Stay and Transport. So you deserve a great thanks from our side. looking forward for more trips with you in future.
Date of Posting: 10 May 2018
Posted By: Shubham Kesarwani
Ph.D. Scholar ; I-Stem (Institute for Stem cell Therapy and Exploration of Monogenic diseases), Bangalore
Deoriatal - Tungnath Trek

My first experience with the mountains have left me spellbound. Never thought nature could have this powerful an effect on mind, body, and soul.

Waking up to vista of snowcapped peaks at Chopta & Deoriatal (Saari) was mesmerizing. When I thought that it could not get any better than this, the sights of Neelkanth at Badrinath & Nandadevi at Auli proved me wrong. I can't wait to trek these places in the winter. Thanks to Vishwanath, my first trip was comfortable, memorable and inspiring.
Date of Posting: 09 May 2018
Posted By: Usha Karthik
Business Finance Manager (CA) at Wipro Technologies., Bangalore
Andaman Tour

We had an amazing time in Andamans and thanks to Vishwanath of Summiters for arranging the whole trip flawlessly. It was a six days trip, and it covered all the amazing places, beaches in Andaman. The arranged hotels were very good, I will definitely look forward to plan my next trip with Summiters.
Date of Posting: 09 April 2018
Posted By: Pritham Sharma and Maitry Saikia
Senior Software Engineer ; AG India, Bangalore
Team Outing to Chickmanglur

It was a challenging & herculean task for us to arrange 75+ people outstation team outing consisting of adventure & leisure. I Would take this opportunity to thank you Mr. Vishwanath who came for an rescue and took complete responsibility to make it happen. It was very well planned and executed, Surprise event Holi brought more joy and bonding between team mates ! . Special care was taken in arranging accommodation for female participants. Entire team at the venue was very friendly & caring who made this outing enjoyable & memorable for all of us.
Date of Posting: 06 March 2018
Posted By: Santosh R Vinnu
Manager ; Global Edge Software ltd Global Village Campus, Bangalore
North East Tour of Nagaland and Imphal

I would like to thank you ​ so much ​and your team for the very beautiful and memorable trip to the northeast comprising of Kaziranga, Kohima and Imphal. When we landed in Guwahati on 1 Dec, Manas the driver was ready to welcome us and he was our guide for the next seven days. We had a very good safari experience and also of the culture of Assam. From there we proceeded to Kohima after a gruelling 7 hour drive which Manas handled professionally. The city of Kohima was decked up as a bride with glittering lights for Christmas. We set out to Kisama for the Hornbill festival which was an out of world experience which needs to be experienced in one's lifetime. It was a kaleidoscope of the Naga culture and one day was not sufficient and I would like to go back to attend the festival for all ten days hopefully next year. We started to Imphal on 5 Dec and the drive was the most gruelling because of bad roads a 127 km drive took us nearly seven hours and Manas had a tough time. Imphal was a totally different experience in culture. The EMA (women's) market is a shopper's paradise and the INA museum at Moirang and the Loktak lake boating with its unique floating island homes was a different experience. The visit to WW II cemetry both in Imphal and Kohima was very humbling. You made our stay pleasant and comfortable in all three places.

The hotels and service was very good. Mr. Vishwanath took great care to make us comfortable.

Thank you for the wonderful experience and we hope to travel to new places with you​ in forthcoming years..!
Date of Posting: 19 January 2018
Posted By: Priya Gonsalves
Lawyer, Bangalore

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