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Buran Ghati Pass Trek

Would like to thank you Vishwanath of Summiters for excellent organisation of trek.This being my first trek, it was an awesome experience with the team of trekkers and people who helped us for making it happen. To start with the stay in the village was a very pleasant experience which showed how people live happily with minimal things in life, people are aware of outer world they are connected with TV, mobile and Internet. Second and third day was small trek watching mountains and valleys, and experiencing the extremely cold weather. Trek to Chandra nahan lakes 1, 2 3 and 4 was the best scenic place with crystal clear water, clear sky,awesome mountain. the nature is impeccably clean, no pollution of any sort, fourth day climbing Buran ghati Pass was exciting with walking over big stones, sand rubble with gravel stones, and reaching the top of mountain, most difficult part of the trek was climbing down which needs more concentration and energy, it was an excellent team with whom i trekked, and i have to tell this is my best holiday ever.
Date of Posting: 25 September 2015
Posted By: Dr Keshava Reddy N
Anesthesiologist, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
Vellarimala - Vavulmala
Totally off beat, untrodden wherein we had to make our path in the thick vegetation with a machete, very arduous trek but exciting, the food provided was basic, it was ultimate –Tapioca and chilled freshly made buttermilk from streams flowing topped it all..!
Great sunset.! Mesmerazing views of Masthakapara, Chembrapeak and Vavulmala , this trek was one of the best western trek I had done so far, kudos to Vishwanath….!!!
Date of Posting: 27 October 2014
Posted By: Anand Verma
Regional Manager Nimbus Healthcare, Bangalore
Belligundi Waterfalls Trek

This was my second trek with Summiters.Last year I went to Kudremukh and this time to Bellegundi Waterfalls.Our guide Mr Vishwanath was very helpful and it a memorable experience altogether.
In previous trek to Kudremukh I suffered from sprained knee joint while returning Vishwanath accompanied me till the last step though it was dark, was very courageous and was always motivating . It was only because of him I completed the trek successfully.
I look forward to complete more treks in the coming years and would always like the Summiters group to guide me and my fellow friends.
Date of Posting: 11 October 2014
Posted By: Dr Naveen Krishnamoorthy
Consultant Pathologist,HCG, Bangalore
Kagbhushandi Tal Trek
September 2014
This is not only a trek , but a unique experience by itself. It combines the best of the Himalayas incorporating astounding beauty with all of natures pristine elements , at sometimes or the other. On the other end of the spectrum, it tests individuals Physical and mental strength to the maximum keeping you on the edge – no pain ; no gain.!.In all a sense of exhilaration and achievement is tempered by a modest gratitude to the elements who were kind to us and organisers who were the guiding force at the times….!
Date of Posting: 16 September 2014
Posted By: Dr.Ravindra Mehta
Orthopaedic Surgeon ; Apollo Hospital, Bangalore
Kagbhushandi Tal Trek
September 2014
Kagbhushandi Tal is a long and Strenuous trek with little material available about it to read. Entire trek takes one through alpine meadows, countless boulders, snow fields and involves ascending to a altitude over 15,000ft and plunging into deep valleys. All in all not a trek for beginners, but one that can be enjoyed thoroughly by experienced trekkers backed by a team none other than Summiters..!
Date of Posting: 16 September 2014
Posted By: Dr.Aashish Shah
Director, Gastrointestinal, Laproscopic and Obesity Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
Kurinji kallu and Gangdikallu trek was really mesmerizing !. A memorable experience with the very neatly organized stay, food , safety and guidance. Thanks to Vishwanath Sir for organizing it so perfectly .Plan was well executed and i'm really looking forward for many more treks in future with Summiters ! Cheers :)
Date of Posting: 13 August 2014
Posted By: Poornima Belawadi
Assistant Programmer at food and civil supplies consumer affairs, Dept Govt of Karnataka, Bangalore
Kurinjalu and Gangadi Kallu Trek
It was the amazing for 2 days with Mr.Vishwanath from Summiters and new friends. Starting right from Bangalore to Bangalore back it was a total relaxing, rejoicing and rejuvenating.
Kurinjikal and Gangadikal are the two untouched peaks with total pure nature all around. If you are a trekker you must goooooooo!
Date of Posting: 13 August 2014
Posted By: Meghana & Darukesh
Research fellow at ADA & Bharat Electronics Ltd, Bangalore
It was after sighting South face of Mount Kailash and taking dip in Mansarovar I felt that my wish of lifetime had come true and had made a wise decision to go with Summiters, though the trip was rescheduled due to permits issues. I was determined and had Confidence on Summiters who gave me genuine relpy all times and motivation. Planning a trip is hassle free with them, for those looking for any trip in Himalayas…!
Date of Posting: 19 July 2014
Posted By: Srinivasan Ramakrishnan
One of my friends said, "We'll recommend these guys to juniors too.. Its been so smooth till now And we get rafting too". We had just reached Lohajung, the base camp for our trek after a brief stay at Nainital (which was included in the part of the trek taken care of by the Summiters group). The rest of the trip, the main trek itself, definitely bore testimonial to what the friend said.

Organizing a trek of this magnitude for a group of eighteen people, primarily composed of first timers and inexperienced folks was no child's play. We were well informed of every requirement for the trek and given a brief yet sufficient picture of what awaited us. The guides stayed by us throughout the journey, at every camping spot and the walks between the spots. A guide always accompanied the procession at both head and tail, irrespective how far aback the last person was left out. At the campsites we were provided with meals and food regularly . In fact, on one of the days, soup was delivered individually at every tent when the when the extreme downpour outside prevented us from leaving our tents. By the end of the day, the guides assured us that we could wake them up in the middle of the night if at all there was anything that we needed. On the final day, when the walk was most difficult, they stood by motivating us all along even getting us to say our prayers.

Overall, the experience was doubtlessly one of the best that i have had. But truth be told, it would not have been possible if not for the assistance provided by the Summiters group. I, on behalf of every trekker would sincerely thank the guides and the organizers for making the trip memorable for all the right reasons. Walking on snow seemed like nothing i had done before, but it was definitely a lot easier than it should have been because of the people who accompanied us.
Date of Posting: 16 July 2014
Posted By: Hariteja
National Institute of Technology, Karnataka
My Yatra to Holy Kailash was Satisfactory. Mr.Vishwanath escorting group , had shown a lot of maturity and skill in handling the group and crisis management, especially with many of the senior citizens accompanying. He needs all the encouragement and I am sure he is a great asset in all where tour runs for several days in an unfriendly environment .He is very polite responsive and helpful to the needs of tourists whose responsibility he took in is very appreciating . I immensely thank him once again.
Date of Posting: 15 June 2014
Posted By: Harisarvotham
Rtd General Manager ; State Bank of Hyderabad

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