Power of Experiential Education

Why Experiential Learning

Are good grades in school enough to get ahead in life? Do you think you can blackboard-study your way to success in life? The world has moved on from the time when right answers and a clean shirt was enough to succeed in life, be it on the professional or personal front.

Formal education teaches you a lot of things, but it also may not focus much on teaching you a lot more things. Like for example, the importance of building trust, developing a creative instinct, an adventurous mind, a brave heart, leadership quality, and similar attributes that cannot be measured in terms of grades, but whose importance cannot be over-emphasized. These are in the domain of experiential education which is our domain expertise. Through our meticulously developed programs specially designed to appeal to children and young students, we strive to deliver experiential education learning to the students with the idea of leveraging its value to traditional education learning. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the school and the student can maximize value from such a holistic learning.

While traditional education format tells a student that 2+2 = 4, experiential education tells him that when you add up two apples and two oranges, there is a difference though the answer is the same!

Experiential education can potentially and significantly shorten the transition period of a child’s mental growth from information to knowledge, and from intelligence to wisdom. Looking ahead, when the child or the young student begins to aspire for a flourishing career, this experience of experiential education will manifest in the form of a positive outlook and a cultivated sense of self-confidence. It is a proven fact that in today’s competitive world, business leaders look to people with soft skills and intangible positive traits, which is essentially what experiential education is all about.

Experiential Learning aims to make children and the youth more rounded and more of a complete personality with multiple soft skills. We work on them at an early age because their minds are more fertile then and thus not trapped in a fixed way of thinking. We believe the saying ‘when you put your mind totally to something nothing is impossible’ is more apt to young minds.

School Program


  • Early Childhood Programs
    • Creativity
    • Adventure
    • Trust-Building
  • Youth Leadership Development Programs:
    • Adventure
    • Environmental Education
    • Simulation
  • Adventure based education

Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood Programs are designed on a meticulously developed CAT model based on original insights drawn from early childhood behavioral studies. These programs are targeted at children aged 5-8 years of age, and the CAT model focuses on Creativity, Adventure & Trust-building.

The early stages of building intellect in a child hinges on developing its latent creativity. Since every child is unique, it follows that every child is creative in its own way. The second step is to build on this individual creative impulse with a free-yourself-up-and-let-it-go attitude. An experience of adventure enables a spirit of enquiry in the young mind. The stage is thus set for building character through trust and an attitude of benevolence.

Our CAT-based programs are tailored to explore the best in the child. CAT is the way to go…



“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail”

                                                                             -Edwin Land


In our Creativity Programs, we focus mainly on the cognitive development of the student. We give or “show” them a problem and encourage them to come up with a solution. Example:

Give the children the beginning of a Story and ask them to add their own part to continue the story.

Various techniques and formats (including outdoor) are used to develop creativity in the children, such as creative games, role play, creative play activities, asking creative questions like what would happen if…, etc.

The goal is to encourage the children to think on their own, think out-of-the-box, and think on their feet. Importantly, we free them up by telling them there are no correct and no wrong answers!

Children are born creative. Look closely at them and you will discover it. Creativity in a child is innate. It is fun. It is play. What we do is nurture it so that they tap into their potential and become truly creative in whatever they do.



"Adventure is not outside man, it is within"

                                                    -George Eliot

Our Adventure programs for children in the age-group of 5-8 years aim at tapping into this inborn trait. Children love to venture out or play indoors.

we get them started with ideas that will resonate with young minds. Our experience shows that there is no one-size-fits-all adventure that will appeal to all children even if they are of the same age-group. So we go the extra mile to assess the child’s aptitude and then try and customize an adventure activity that will merit instant acceptance.

Our Adventure Programs are designed for both indoor and outdoor formats and packaged in such a way as to make learning an exciting experience. Implicit in this approach are several intangible benefits that accrue to a child.



Learning to Trust is Life’s most difficult task – but not impossible.

Children are generally possessive. They don’t share easily. They don’t open up with strangers. They behave differently with different people.

Building trust means building a value-system which is not easily comprehended by children. In our Programs we don’t teach values, but we show them – through story-telling sessions, role-plays, and real life incidents they can easily relate to and understand.

When a child trusts its teacher, it develops a bond which can spur the child to perform better, to be disciplined, well-behaved and successful as an individual. Our Programs inculcate this virtue of trust in the child to help it perform to its potential.

Youth Leadership Development

The best leader is one who is not known to his follower

How does one become a “born leader”? Not when you are born, but through an early initiation to this leadership trait, and understanding what it takes to lead. Youth Leadership Development Programs targeting children in the age-group of 9-15 years are designed on a painstakingly developed AES model, viz. Adventure, Environmental Education and Simulation.

For details on Adventure, see give link to adventure.

Environmental Education

The future belongs to those who protect the environment now

Every child has a natural connect with nature. The environment, and Mother Nature, is one’s best friend, when one is young. experiential education programs draw on this axiomatic truth, and strengthen this symbiotic bond.

Environment Education Programs (indoor and outdoor) bring the children closer to earth, connect them with issues in their proximity such as indiscriminate felling of trees, noise and sound pollution, garbage clearance, etc and also how to preserve and protect the environment.

Awareness about the environment is probably as important if not more, than anything else for children. They are the future of the country. Our endeavor is to empower them with knowledge and awareness of why environment is to be preserved and simple ways of doing so, through our specially designed programs.



we conduct simple Simulation Programs where we enact a problem or a situation for a child and assess their ability to respond. This helps the student to develop a real understanding of how to respond to situations they could encounter in their life. For example, a simulation exercise on money could help a child to understand the importance of developing a savings habit. We also have a simulation program for enabling a child to live with a degree of independence which will lead to the child being more organized about its books, clothes, studies, homework, etc.

Simulation Classes are fun to play with a serious motive!


Adventure-based education

A child without adventure is like a man with no soul

Our specialty is its Adventure-based Education Programs where the participants are introduced to a whole new world of excitement and thrills. The activities offered range from Hiking, Biking, Rock-climbing, Expeditions, Rafting to Kayaking, Para-sailing and Adventure Races.

These activities build up the physical, mental and spiritual faculties in tandem. Participants get closer to nature, in natural free-flowing outdoor spaces, and connect with the colors and texture of natural habitats. Studies show that adventure sports help to develop a positive attitude and self-confidence.

Our Programs are also customized to like-minded groups and we offer a wide range of activities to keep your spirits afloat throughout the year!

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