Things to Carry (Himalayan Trek)

Essentials things to Carry for a Himalayan Trek

Himalayan region has a cool and generally dry mountain climate. Much of Trail is above 8,000 feet. Therefore, you can expect warm to hot days in the summer and cool nights. As the season advances toward fall expect cool days and cold nights (below freezing). You will most likely encounter some precipitation either as rain in summer or snow across the higher passes any time of the year, but mostly in the spring and fall. Wind can also be a significant factor in alpine terrain. Be prepared for high levels of ultraviolet (UV) light, due to the clean, high altitude air. Sunburn potential is high throughout the year.

On the trail:
Essentials in the pack:

  1. A Rucksack 50 ltrs capacity with plastic bag liner
  2. Well broken in trekking boots upto Ankle.
  3. Stream crossing sandals – e.g. Teva’s or reef runners
  4. A medium sized day pack, with plastic bag liner
  5. Water bottle(s),1 liter size – 2 bottles recommended
  6. MultiLayer ClothingGloves, wollen socks – insulating (to advoid frost bite)
    1. Insulating layer(s) – fleece jacket, wool sweater
    2. Wind/rain proof layer – Gortex type jacket
  7. Sunscreen – SPF 30, and lip salve
  8. Sunglasses (Sonow is one of the best reflectors of sunlight and the clear air too)
  9. Water purification – pills, drops, filter etc.
  10. Your regular medications (if any/required)
  11. Reading glasses (if required)
  12. Emergency First Aid kit including blister bandages (Summiters adventures does carry a First aid kit, but it is recommended that you to carry one)
  13. Toilet paper in a plastic Ziploc bag.
  14. Lighter, candles
  15. An alcohol based gel to sanitize your hands (e.g. Purell)
  16. Emergency trail food such as granola bars, chocolate bars, dry fruits etc.
  17. Raincoat.
  18. Hat / Sun Cap.

Essentials on the body:

  1. Long sleeve hiking shirt
  2. Long quick dry hiking pants
  3. Hat (sun), with retention cord for windy days

Optional Gear in the Pack:

  1. Camera and accessories
  2. Guidebook, maps
  3. Trekking poles
  4. Extra pair of hiking socks
  5. Light emergency tarp
  6. Drink mixes/Lelectrolytes to add to your water bottle  (Ex. Electral, ORS)
  7. Notebook and pencil
  8. Knife (Ex.Victorinox / Swiss knife)
  9. Torch or Head Lamp.
  10. ID Card (Ex. Passport, Drivers's Licence), Copy of Medical Report Form




Note : Do not overpack, you will be carrying this bacg over a period of days. A recommended weight range once all items are packed is about 8kg's. Also see to that you have about 10 % (by volume) empty to accomodate the sleeping bag (provided by us

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